theSystem 100

The Innovators From All Realms of Creativity in the Spotlight

theSystem 100 * is the definitive professional index, here to spotlight not only 100 of the East Africa’s most creative, outspoken, and passionate next-gen names, but also their creative and philanthropic ideas.

theSystem100 * consists of the most prominent names in culture who are tremendously contributing to the progression of their respective industries and practices this year.

2020 was an important year for change, reflection and survival. With the backdrop of the global coronavirus pandemic, creatives had to navigate their industries with much more care than ever before. Still, they pressed on producing designs, songs, art pieces and products that provided amazement, joy and a bit of hope in these dark times. theSystem100 * aims to elevate our tradition of acknowledging the creatives who accomplish outstanding works every year. Not only do we want to give these 100 names praise for pushing their own limits of creativity, but gratitude as well for continuing to inspire and impact change, foremostly in the arts and culture, as well as their respective communities.

With this in mind, theSystem * will also soon establish theSystem100 * Ideas Fund, a Cash pot from which we’ll award grants to help turn these ideas into reality. Our focus is not highlighting a single winner, we will use online audience votes to help choose which ideas gain our IRL support to bring them to life.

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