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NASA intends to Woo Aliens with Human Nudes ( Here are the latest Nudes)


 I can’t wait for the aliens to arrive on Earth like, “So some of you have a V down there and others have … a couple of lumpy circles? Very cool.”

NASA to launch Nudes of Human to space in the hope of attracting aliens while our gov censor kissing scenes only bc it can have negative impact on youth 😐

NASA is trying to attract the attention of aliens by sending nudes into space.

As part of the Beacon in the Galaxy project, NASA scientists are planning to send a message to outer space addressed to other life forms.

The NASA team intends to broadcast the message in short radio wave format to a part of the Milky Way identified as likely to be occupied by aliens. The message will include coordinates of the Earth, information about our planet, Moon and the solar system. Part of the message will contain nude illustrations of an adult human male and an adult human female to familiarize aliens with how the inhabitants of this planet look like. In the image, the humans can be seen waving their hands as a sign of being welcoming towards the aliens.

📸 NASA, Britt Griswold

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