In this interview Jay-Z and Warren Buffett talk about growing up , investment and How they became the Men they are today.

This interview between this 3 Legends inspired me so much and I’d like you to be inspired too

When you invest in yourself you are buying a day that you won’t have to work.

At one point Jay-Z talks about making it as an artist in the past and making it as an artist today.

Key take aways from the interview:

1. Don’t just give up until you figure it out ” the genius thing we did is that we never gave up” -Jay Z

2. Be Authentic “apply yourself and stay true to who you are”

3. It’s not easy, you have to build it up “some singles and doubles will produce a lot of runs before you get through ” Warren Buffett

4. Discipline beats passion “do not be distracted by the shiny objects” Jay-Z

5. Have a point of view “you have to be able to think independently before you come to a conclusion”