On Friday, April 8 2022, Lucas Bean, NFT, Web3 Tech Advisor, tweeted that the viral video turned meme had just been sold for 327Eth ($1,047,806).

The creator, Benjamin Aidoo, also took to Twitter to appreciate the parties that made the bid and sale of the NFT a smashing success. 

The dark humour meme, which signifies an untimely end, became the perfect response to a laughable but life-threatening mistake made by a hilarious character.

While Ghanian pallbearers created the meme, it thrilled the world and became a global sensation. The meme was accompanied by a 2010 electronic dance music (EDM) track called Astronomia, created by Russian composer Tony Igy.

How did the coffin dance meme become so valuable?

Despite the availability of the viral meme on the Internet, someone still bid over a million dollars on it. 

To understand why the meme is still so expensive even after making rounds online, it is essential to understand the entire concept of NFTs and how they could revolutionise the entire creator economy. 

The meme itself is a digital property that can easily be duplicated across the Internet. 

It is important to note that whoever purchases the NFT does not become a copyright owner of the meme. Just as Michelangelo’s painting remains the work of the Renaissance artist, the Pallbearers will continue to be the owners and creators of the meme.