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Ivy Lygue : “I think my sound both fits in and stands out”

Published  Tuesday, April   5  2022  | Ivy Lygue   by   the-System *

This interview has been edited for length and clarity

What was the creative process behind “Big Moves” and what headspace were you in at time of making that?

I started recording the big moves ep right after signing with Black market records. The process was very new to me but I was also learning a lot which I love spaces where I learn.

You seem to have a very acute sense of self awareness in your lyrics, does that come effortlessly for you when writing?

When I started off writing back in high school…yeah. It started to change tho over time. I started taking weed and started to rely on it for my creativity

You paint a very vivid vision of your trajectory in songs that are only two minutes long. The song “Big Moves” is a great example. How do you do that?

I’m very big on speaking shit to existence and I try to be as clear as possible on my life trajectory and how I want it to go.

“Bad Bitch” seems to mark a shift in the album where you sound most candid. Was that intentional ?

I’ve tried to be candid in all my songs but yes actually. Bad bitch was more personal.

What are your listening to lately, anything that has caught your attention musically?

Lately I’ve found myself listening to only random music. I stopped storing music on my phone so Ive been discovering new music every time I’m streaming.

As a rising hip-hop artist, how do you think your sound fits in with or stands out from today’s selection of hip-hop artists in East Africa or Africa?

I think my sound both fits in and stands out in the sense that it is, East African and I am the only I-vy Lygue…

Do you feel the responsibility of being the next voice of Hip hop in your generation locally? Or is that something you don’t care about..?

I already am the next voice of hiphop for my generation…. I’m already experiencing that, I don’t feel like I need to put in much thought into it.

Do you think there’s a difference between writing and rapping and what’s your process in both?

I don’t think there’s much of a difference. As you write down something you’re forced to read it too. When you’re writing you’ll be rapping either inside your head or out loud. Anywhere I go I make sure I carry my pencil and my notepad. I write anything anywhere then compile.

Besides music what other fields interest you, I know you are into fashion is that something you want to include in your portfolio to complement your career in music?

I want to make clothes for my brand Ivy Lygue and also for other people. The kind of exposure music gives is the kind of exposure my Fits company needs.

As an artist that grew up with social media being such a prominent part of their life, how do you view social media or having to “be a content creator” in conjunction with being an artist (i.e. necessary evil, great promotion tool, etc). If you could go back to the days of trying to make it as an artist before social media/digital would you?

Social media has definitely been a great promotion tool for so many people around the world. Getting to see and watch people from across the world do things the same way as you and share their thoughts on everything, it helps one get more comfortable in their space.

Which of the songs on the EP was most personal to release? What’s the story behind it?

Talking about. So its gonna sound cliche but okay, I had recently just separated with someone who was close to me, Turned out he’d been lying to meabout so many things. I hope that when he hears it he’ll know its about him.

Now that your first EP is out, what else can fans expect going forward?

The world at large should expect more and better sounding and feeling music.

Would you define yourself as a provocateur or an eccentric? And why?

Eccentric… That’s the word. I don’t need confirmation from anybody.

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration? In what sense/way?

Nasty c. I happened to be listening to him a lot around the time I started exercising my writing skills. He influenced that a lot.

There’s a real pressure in being authentic in any part or the rap universe, do you feel it?

I don’t feel any type of pressure right now that isn’t from me. Only pressure I have is making it big and seeing my FAM all good.

Are you psyched about Live performance?

I really really am. I’ve dreamt about performing my whole life. I’ve performed countless times in my head,in my house so now its a matter of it coming to fruition.

If you could headline any music festival or event, which would it be and why?

Coke studio Africa. It’s one of the biggest music events in Africa. It would be great for any African musician.

If you could headline any music festival or event, which would it be and why?

I’ve learnt self control. Things don’t usually work out as expected in music and generally in life. I’ve learnt to be Eazy with such situations with the idea that I know everything will eventually work out.

What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself in the process. Making the body of work?

I’ve learnt self control. Things don’t usually work out as expected in music and generally in life. I’ve learnt to be Eazy with such situations with the idea that I know everything will eventually work out.

If you could collab with any artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Megan the stallion. Simply because I admire everything about her songs from the writing,the execution
I’d like to experience that as well as experience her as an artist.

What does success look like for you, in your career and personal life?

I have most of my future life planned out/predicted. My success will be when all of that comes to be.

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