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Clearly, short-form videos have taken over today’s generation. There’s a huge consumption gap if you compare the two. People have been hooked to these bite-sized videos where they lose track of time. Is it just today’s generation’s preference or is there something else? Let’s find out in this article what makes short-form video fan favourites.

Doesn’t take much consumer time

Nowadays people like to cut to the chase. If you notice, the most attractive and fun advertisements are concise and direct. People like brevity. You might research and create one of the best content in the world, but if you don’t shorten it, or make it bite-sized, you might not get the desired results. It’s as simple as that, you value people’s time, they value your content. In today’s world, less is definitely more.

Ideal for social media

Social media means short content, more information. People on social media look for instant gratification. There’s so much to look at in day-to-day life, hence consuming content, staying up-to-date via short videos is the best way to save time.

On average, people spend around 145 minutes per day on social media. Keeping the amount of population in mind, the number is enormous. Imagine the number of content creators we have today. Today, anyone with a smartphone is a content curator. More content creators means more content. So how do you plan to make your content stand out from others? Short, crisp, concise.

Right on point

Cutting right to the point. If you notice, creating short-form content is tougher than creating long-form. You strive to summarise all the information in a short 30 seconds video. How do you explain everything in a 30 secs video, where people have built documentaries on it. Now you know what it takes to create these bite-sized videos.

Lesser attention span

We’ve mentioned this before, the attention span of an average person is less than 12 seconds. While this might seem like a downfall, many marketers out there have taken advantage of this. Over 93% of the marketers have landed a customer via social media video.

We no more have the time, patience and the motivation to sit through a lengthy video. Today Instagram means Reels and even that is not more than 30 seconds, talk about attention span. Over coming years, we might even get an attention span lesser than a goldfish — 8 seconds.

People have got internet access on their mobile phones which makes things far more accessible than they seem. Over 60% of the internet traffic revolves around video content. If you had to guess the time an average person spends on YouTube, what would it be? 15 mins? It’s actually far more than that. 40 mins is the average time. Considering the amount of population our motherland has, that number is ginormous.

Easy to understand

Last but not the least, this is an add-on that content creators do but many fail to notice. While these creators inject high-quality information into these bite-sized videos, they also make them very simple and easy to understand. Many creators out there don’t get enough credit for this. Even Layman language would be an understatement to this. While a lot of people call it simplifying or dumbing down, we like to say you’re generalising your audience. You’re simply making your product available to more people.