Work – Margaret Ngigi (Sherie)

Founded in 2009 by Jepchumba, the platform has amassed a robust community of creatives, artists, and collectors globally. The Nandi NFT Marketplace presents an opportunity to allow the ADA community and beyond to partake in web3 in an integral and intentional way.

Nandi was established to create an environment that enables Black creators to thrive in web3. In addition to the marketplace, Nandi will introduce the Nandi Cowry Community – a collection of 10,000 Nandi Cowry NFTs-each representing a unique digital collectible living on the carbon-negative Celo blockchain.

“The early excitement and buzz surrounding our groundbreaking launch is invigorating. For more than a decade we have built a community at ADA with the intention of giving artists throughout the continent and the African Diaspora a voice and an opportunity to build livelihoods through their work” says Jepchumba, Co-Founder and CEO of Nandi.

“The African community has a deep legacy of innovation and technology. The advent of NFTs, the metaverse, and web3 have presented a phenomenal opportunity to create wealth through art democratically. It is our goal and intention at ADA to ensure that the Black community is presented with an opportunity to be included in this moment in time. We believe the Nandi NFT Marketplace and our Nandi Cowry Community will allow that to happen.” continued Jepchumba.

The Nandi Cowry Community NFT acts as a membership card that grants holders access to special utilities such as member-only benefits, content, voting privileges on grants awarded to emerging creator fellowships, community curation of premiere digital art, and curated exhibitions on the Nandi NFT Marketplace. These rewards will be bundled into member-only benefits unlocked by activity on the platform.

In addition to the marketplace there will be a Nandi Cowry artist collaborative studio. This in-house creative studio will partner with the creator community to develop Nandi’s digital worlds and design projects commissioned by founding members.

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