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Becoming a content creator has never been a problem, but sustaining as one has been. Constantly coming up with creative content while also keeping track of your followers, the life of a content creator isn’t as easy as people think it is. It’s far more than creating short 30 seconds clips. So today, we’re going to discuss all the problems content creators face that no one talks about and also how to overcome them.

Creative block

Starting the cue with something we all are familiar with, creative block. If you are a creative person or someone who uses their creativity to make a living, there’s a huge possibility you’ve already crossed paths with this term. Creative block is as common as cold to an average human being, and it’s not just exclusive to creative people.

Studies say that there’s no certain limit to creativity, and the same goes for a creative block. There have been cases where people like writers and designers have faced creative blocks for up to a decade. That’s surely terrifying.

Contemplating this, a question popped up in my mind, “so what do people do when they hit a roadblock?” Do they change their profession, do they simply stare at their desks until something comes up? Because if that is, then that’s one boring way to spend a decade.

How to overcome it:

  1. Get at least 8 hours of proper sleep
  2. Take out time for yourself
  3. Read and explore new things
  4. Find inspirations around you
  5. Exercise and meditate

Keeping up with Constant Motivation

You have to agree on this point. Whether you’ve just started your journey or you’ve been in the business for years, this stays constant. From what we’ve observed, to most people, results bring happiness, the motivation to commence another task/video; And it’s hard to keep up when you don’t get the coveted results. Be it your total number of followers or your total reach on a video you spent hours behind planning, creating, and editing, it’s an obnoxious feeling that leads people to quit. Not anymore, the process might take longer than expected but

How to overcome it:

  1. Don’t overthink things
  2. Ignorance is bliss
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Inspire and get inspired

Unpaid Collaborations

A problem that no one ever talks about. If you’re a content creator who has collaborated with brands, you know what it’s like. Creators are either not paid the promised amount or at all. Some brands play a barter system where they promise you a promotion or any other non-tangible commodity in exchange for promoting their product. This form is clearly absent with top brands such as Nike, Adidas, and more of a problem with the budding brands.

While not all influencers get to collaborate with top-notch brands, they look for alternatives. That’s where Xuppi comes into play. Xuppi encourages Creator and Brand collaboration. With the help of its multifunctioning tools, Creators and Brands can effectively collaborate.

Undoubtedly, unpaid collaborations have put creators in dismay, and here’s how you can get rid of it.

How to overcome it:

  1. Always charge 100% in advance — Know what you’re worth and stay stern on it. Have your own terms and give the other party time to accept it.
  2. Sign an agreement — This would ensure you get paid once you’ve successfully delivered and met their requirements.
  3. Join Xuppi — A platform that takes care of both, brands as well as influencers and makes sure they both are served well.

Constant Criticism

The moment we step out of our bubble there’s criticism. As a content creator, you receive criticism on your body, race, looks, talent, voice. There’s no stopping to it. As a person, you need to understand the difference between the two, constructive criticism and negative criticism. On paper, it might seem easy like ABC, but in reality, it takes a strong mind to tackle it.

While some people may utilise criticism as a source of motivation, but for a majority of people, it seems to be a nitpick.

How to overcome it:

  1. Acknowledge it — Face it. Simple. Acknowledging may not mean you’re agreeing with them. An acknowledgement could be as simple as, “Hey, thanks for letting me know.”
  2. Decide whether to accept it or reject it — You decide whether you want to accept it or not. You could simply acknowledge their criticism and move on, or you can decide to inculcate next time.
  3. Speak up — Let the other person know how their constant criticism isn’t helping you. This doesn’t mean you yell at their face. In laymen’s terms, you’re simply giving feedback to their criticism.


Easily distracted, unable to meet deadlines, if these define you then you are already a procrastinator. Gen Z has glorified procrastination. Even though a lot of people understand how procrastination can cannibalise your productiveness, they can’t seem to overcome it. How many times have you started a high-priority task and then got stuck on your phone?

Why do we procrastinate? Because we have an ample amount of time, no deadline, the list is endless. However, one needs to self-motivated and self-disciplined to overcome, which again is not everyone’s cup of tea. Manage time efficiently, prioritise their tasks accordingly, how many times have we been advised this?

Well, we researched, tried and tested some of the best ways to overcome procrastination, and here they are.

How to overcome it:

  1. Firstly understand WHY you are procrastinating
  2. Target not more than 2 big tasks a day
  3. Fill the gaps with low priority tasks
  4. Set deadlines for yourself
  5. Promise rewards to yourself

Source : https://medium.com/xuppi-blog/problems-content-creators-face-and-how-to-overcome-them-cba11a8214ac