Harmonie Bataka shares a snack with a skating friend

Abigail Asante, 20, a maths teacher, is helped by Harmonie Bataka, 27, as she learns a new trick

Harmonie Bataka waits at a bus to the Freedom Skatepark

Abigail Asante, 20, a math teacher, is comforted by Harmonie Bataka after a fall during a lesson

Twins Adelaide and Adeline Yeboah, 18, get ready to practise at the Freedom Skatepark

Harmonie Bataka practises on streets in her neighbourhood in Tema

Girls skateboard at the Freedom Skatepark in Accra

On her day off, Harmonie Bataka practises balancing on a plastic bottle filled with water at home

Concert goers skateboard on a ramp during a music performance in Accra

Harmonie Bataka preforms tricks as others watch

Harmonie Bataka skateboards across a footbridge on her commute to open the gates of the Freedom Skatepark

Harmonie Bataka plays the guitar as her best friend, Tommy Taylor, listens and watches, at home

Harmonie Bataka warms up and stretches as she prepares to skate

Photography : Francis Kokoroko/Reuters