Ayub’s image with its photographer Lin Qi at Kahawa West on March 11, 2022. PHOTO | MARGARETTA WA GACHERU

Ayub Ogada is regarded as one of the greatest Kenyan artists of all time. He was born in 1956 in Mombassa as Job Seda, a descendant of the proud Luo people of western Kenya. At six, his parents took him to Chicago, where his father studied medicine. Ayub recalls meeting Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay), and experiencing the aftermath of American segregation, even as his parents toured college campuses performing Luo music at a time when the term ‘world music’ was unknown in commercial circles.

“I took the photograph of Ayub in 2012 at the African Heritage House where he was performing one weekend,” says Lin

The plan, is to turn his black and white photo of Ayub into a gigantic wall mural in Kahawa West just next to a usy Quick Mart grocery store.

‘Nairobi is changing so fast, no one knows how long buildings will be standing. But ceramic tiles are capable of lasting for centuries,” says Lin who recalls the famous terracotta (ceramic) army which was unearthed by archeologists in Xi’An, China in 1974.

“They are said to have belonged to China’s first Emperor,” Lin adds.

Lin says he feels the gift to Kenyans. “Art should belong to the people, which is why I wanted to create public art,” he ads.

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