Numerous campaigns have been coordinated in a secret Telegram channel that directs these influencers on what to say, where to capture videos, what hashtags to use, and when exactly to post the video.

These campaigns were launched at the beginning of the invasion and have involved a number of the highest-profile influencers on TikTok, some of whom have over a million followers.

On Wednesday evening, the administrator advertised a new campaign seeking TikTok users to post videos calling for national unity, using an audio track featuring Putin calling for all ethnic groups in Russia to unite at this time of conflict.

The details about the campaign, as well as all other content from the channel, were deleted Wednesday night after VICE News contacted the administrator. However, the job was advertised long enough for a TikTok influencer called d00zenn, who has 480,000 followers, to post a video that matched the requirements perfectly. It’s unclear how much, if anything, d00zenn was paid for taking part in the campaign and he didn’t respond to VICE News’ request for comment. 

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