People desire to know what makes a Sigma male so distinct from an Alpha male, and, as a result, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of the Sigma male archetype. As a way of getting to know some of the main differences, we’ll be diving into them here. So here is some points on Sigma Male vs Alpha male and Why Sigma male is Better than the Alpha Male.

Definition of a Sigma Male

A popular, prosperous, but very independent and self-reliant man is referred to as a Sigma male in masculinist subcultures. A lone wolf is another term used for a sigma guy. Sigma male is primarily used by members of the manosphere, who also use alpha male, beta male, and omega male to form a social hierarchy. As a satirical term, the term has been used to ridicule all of these labels that are used to classify men.

Characteristics of Sigma Males :

1. They tend to be loners

It should not be confused with Sigma males disliking social company. Instead, it means they do not often need people to have a good time. On the flip side, they can also be pleasant and friendly with the people they like.

2. They are flexible

While Alpha or Beta males are more rigid when it comes to the personalities and environments they prefer to be in, Sigma males can adapt to most circumstances. They can perform well under different social situations, team compositions, and even outside the comfort zones.

3. They are themselves – regardless of who is watching

While others may tend to be around other people or show a particular face to society, Sigma males tend to be themselves regardless of who is around. They will be more or less the same person when alone as they are around other people, making it a remarkable attribute.

4. They can lead without exerting authority

When we think of leaders, we tend to think of Alpha men. Sigma males also make for excellent leaders, albeit with a different leadership style. They prefer to lead by example or mutual communication rather than establishing their dominance or authority. Sigmas will get what needs to be accomplished with a balanced approach to leadership.

5. They are good listeners

Sigma males tend to be good listeners as they understand the value of silence and respect when others speak as a matter of mutual courtesy. They give importance to content rather than the volume and thus listen well and speak when required.

6. They are self-aware

While this can be true about Beta males, it often manifests due to insecurity. When we say Sigma males are self-aware, it works both ways— they know their good qualities and also their flaws. Self-awareness helps them self-correct when they go wrong, and they do not repeat mistakes.

7. They have an ambiguous morality

Sigma males tend to see right and wrong in complex scenarios. In this regard, they may harbor a sympathetic attitude towards certain people other than judging them outright. It also makes them critical thinkers who analyze all aspects of the issue before passing judgment on it.

8. They have rusty social skills

Sigma males can come off as a little abrasive or uninterested since they rarely have emotional reactions and are direct while communicating. While some may see this as rude, it’s a consequence of them being good listeners. They do not disguise their intent with flowery language or flattery.

9. They can fit into friend groups but do not rely on them

Sigma males are flexible, making it easy for them to fit into different social groups and get along with people. However, it does not mean they are dependent on social groups or friends. They are content and happy on their own and stay the same, irrespective of their social circle.

10. They decide their future

While Alphas thrive in a high-functioning environment and Betas do well in a passive, low-stress environment, Sigma males succeed or fail on their terms. They know they are responsible for their fates and aren’t as bound by their society or environment. They hold themselves accountable for their actions and consequences.

11. They tend to have small but close social circles

Sigma males don’t feel the need to have big friend circles or impress crowds of people. Instead, they prefer to have a closer circle of friends they can trust and share the same wavelength. It may come off as anti-social but are not.

12. They are self-sufficient

Sigma males value independence more than anything and will do their best to be completely self-sufficient in all aspects of life. They do not want to rely on anyone for the basics in life and build their competencies to lead an independent existence.

13. They aren’t afraid to take risks

Sigmas rarely take the beaten path and do not deviate from established career and life paths. They dislike social structures and cages and like to break out and do their own thing. Also, they accept the risks associated with such a decision.

14. They aren’t attention-seekers

Sigma males don’t seek attention or validation from others. When they do get it, they don’t live for it or thrive on it. They tend to gel into the background and listen and observe rather than be the center of attention.

15. They have the potential to be an Alpha

With their social adaptability and flexibility, a Sigma man can also be an Alpha male. Sigma males’ leadership skills and independence play to their strengths and comfort zones.

What is an alpha male?

The alpha male is the man at the top of the socio sexual hierarchy, and the archetype that commands the highest level of social and sexual status. He’s a strong natural leader. He’s the type of man other men admire, and the archetype that women most naturally crave and desire.

Characteristics Of Alpha Males

1. Self Respect

This is the concept around which every other trait of the Alpha Male revolves. In today’s culture, self-respect is all too often confused with Ego. This is where the issue with the aforementioned advice columns comes into play. Many times, the image of the macho, muscular jerk, is put forth as what guys should aspire to be.

What anyone worth their salt, including actual alpha males, can tell you is that when they see this guy, they don’t see an Alpha. Rather, they get the impression of posturing, which is what weak or insecure individuals do, puffing themselves up like threatened animals.

When you respect yourself, you value your time and that of others. You put forth quality work, whatever your profession. You listen when others speak to you, giving them your full attention. When a response is called for, you give a considered opinion, without claiming knowledge if you don’t have it. You have intrinsic value, and you recognize the value in others.

2. No Such Thing as Failure
No Such Thing as Failure – Alpha Male Traits

Men at the top of the pecking order are not those who have never known disappointment or what we would term “failure.” The crucial difference between these men and others is often a matter of perspective and also perseverance. We often conceptualize the pathway to success or acclaim as a straight shot, with no lateral moves or stumbling blocks.

But the truth of life is that it is almost entirely made up of these events. While there are plenty of people who have success handed to them, it’s important to remember that these are not Alphas in the truest sense. They have no quality of character, do not understand how to improvise in an emergency, and lack any sort of staying power when the going gets tough.

These abilities are what lend a certain aura of Zen to real Alphas, as opposed to those who have not needed to develop deep inner reserves of strength and respect. If you never face a challenge, you can never be sure who you really are. Men of quality are not defined by their stock portfolio any more than they are by whether they have washboard abs or not.

But people sense their strength and their true quality whenever they deal with them. There is an inherent understanding that the end-goal of a life journey or plan is made up of every step taken to reach it. Truly Alpha Men maintain a balance of actively living in the moment and planning for the future—too much of either,and success is never realized.

3. Grace and Assurance

While there are many sources that will emphasize physicality and the ability to fight in an Alpha Male, perhaps it might be helpful to see it from another perspective. Alphas are typically in excellent physical condition, not because they feel the need for external admiration, but because they are active individuals.

Excellent fitness renders the many pursuits they enjoy far easier and is often a natural consequence of their way of being. As well, tying it back to self-respect, your body is your vehicle for moving through the world and maintaining it in peak operating condition is important to personally satisfying success.

Some of the best activities and disciplines that will help you to hone your physicality and your own inner Alpha are any martial art, rock climbing, surfing, wilderness survival , and long-term hiking adventures, and long-distance running.

Many men who enjoy these pursuits will tell you that each of them renders you ultimately aware of the way in which your body moves in space, the way factors in your immediate surrounding play off of one another, and the need to hone higher-level thinking processes in order to anticipate events and plan courses of action.

There is no place for arrogance or laziness on a rock face or inside the funnel of a wave. Practicing martial arts is also excellent because it teaches you that as your skill increases, your desire to utilize force as a means of conflict resolution decreases.

4. Real Men Are Well Read

Now, you may not be an intellectual, and that’s okay. Being an Alpha isn’t about how much education you have, good grades in school, or even how many of the “great works” you’ve read. Rather, within the context of Western culture, it means that you have a deep, foundational understanding of ideas and the way the world works.

While you could elect to undertake an epic journey around the world, experiencing different cultures and places, a much easier way to achieve this is to read—broadly and deeply.

When you are conversant with philosophy, history, economics, the hard sciences, the arts, and fiction, too, you see the world differently. You’ll also come to recognize other Alpha Males, such as Marcus Aurelius or Sun Tzu.

The main reason an Alpha cannot simply be defined by physique is that there are countless true Alpha Males throughout history who have not been possessed of the will or skill needed to fight. True superiority must be defined as a quality not arising from the body, but from the personality, the mind, or the spirit. Individuals such as Mohandas Gandhi or Lao Tzu were Alpha Males, but they were not given to violent aggression or martial pursuits, whether or not they were capable of them.

5. Courage and Action

Courage is another quality generally associated with the Alpha Male. However, this is far from synonymous with fearlessness or a lack of understanding of consequences that follow your actions. Thucydides, a Greek historian who lived in the fifth century B.C., wrote, “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.”

What that means for our purposes is that Alpha Males accept the challenges that life sends them. They seize opportunities and do not allow the voices of fear of failure or a sense of inadequacy to argue them out of action. These men are active, even if they reach out to take hold of an opportunity leads them to fall down, they get back up and continue to move forward.

What many modern men lack when it comes to this is the ability to take justifiable risks. There is no sense in exploring the distinction between Alpha and Beta Males because it is a false one.

The true distinction lies between individuals who are willing to risk a little pain, a little setback, or a deeper understanding of their own capabilities in order to gain something they truly want for themselves and those who are not.

6. A Sense of Humor and Humility

If you are able to laugh at yourself first, no one else can lampoon you. Men who are known to be alphas are capable of making light of their mistakes, their shortcomings, and their failures before others and then of moving on to the next moment.

This is because they don’t take themselves too seriously. It all ties back into the difference between self-respect and Ego. A man possessed of true self-respect understands that a misstep isn’t the end of the world and is capable of seeing it in a larger perspective.

Ego hates to be made a fool of and is also incapable of moving past a moment of weakness or insufficiency. Again, this is about perspective. When you act from a place of Ego, you are the most important thing in the room. Your actions assume colossal importance. You are incapable of seeing past yourself to the larger view of life.

7. Persistance

The Alpha Male is persistent. He does not give up and quit things easily, and he is always the last man standing. He will not back up or give in. He is considered the tortoise instead of the hare because he is smart and calculating.

A real man stands by his beliefs and his values and will do whatever is needed to accomplish his goals. His persistence pays off and is a sign of determination and success.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions. As an Alpha Male, you have the traits and characteristics that allow you to better handle interpersonal relationships and approach them more judiciously and empathetically.

The five characteristics of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skill. You will also find that these are the very traits and characteristics that define a real Alpha Male.

9. Put the ‘Gentle’ Back into ‘Gentleman’

A further aspect of the Alpha is the capacity to be a gentleman. While this need not be placed in the forefront, it is an essential aspect of nearly all truly great men. The ability to treat with gentleness those who are less able to defend themselves is a mark of exceptional strength of character. While we typically associate “weakness” with the feminine, it can also be applied to other men who may simply choose to be less aggressive in life.

Real men are not bullies, but the force that intercedes between the aggressive brutes of the world and those who cannot defend themselves—women, children, animals, and others. They utilize their strength and physical skills in a protective capacity. This is what is meant by the cultural adage of “walking quietly but carrying a big stick.”

The truly powerful man does not need to broadcast his physical prowess but is instead focused upon creating, doing, and interacting in a positive way with all whom he meets. While powerful men do not deliberately call attention to themselves, they are always noticed. It is a way of being, of moving through the world, and of understanding the way in which elements of the world coincide, both in the human landscape and the natural one.

Today, our concept of masculinity and greatness is still deeply rooted in the Stoic philosophy: the self-contained but consciously connected human cosmos. It is evident in the active as opposed to the reactive principal, the considerate, and internally motivated achiever. These are ideas that have adhered to manliness since the height of Greek civilization—a primary basis upon which Western culture and thought are built. If you would be an Alpha Male, focus on being a human being, you would respect, and others will also.

Sigma Male Vs Alpha Male 

Ever since the archetype of Sigma males started to gain popularity, people want to know ‘What makes a sigma male so different from an alpha male?’ We’ll try to dive into some of the main differences here.

1. The value of silence

Alpha males need a specific environment to function. They like to speak and want to be heard. They are active for the audience and are at their best when people are watching. In short, they are “loud” personalities and wish to remain the same.

Sigma males are the opposite in every way. They respect silence and appreciate a quiet environment. They can perform better without an audience and rarely do things for public acknowledgment.

2. Flexibility and dominance

Alpha males have a compulsive need to compete and dominate their current environment. So, in a workplace, they tend to be competitive and ambitious. They do not perform well in groups where they are not the leader or center of attention.

Sigma males don’t care about dominance or hierarchy. They would operate outside known structures and hierarchy to get the best possible results. Their outlook towards people is based more on their value set, and they do not see others as competition or threats. They are also more flexible and do not mind working as a team or in a subordinate position as long as they like the job.

3. Social validation

Alphas are often seen as dominant and leaders but in their established social hierarchy. They have to see what the game is, play it, and win it to become “Alphas.” These men derive their entire sense of self-worth and respect from their position of dominance over others.

Sigma males differ as social validation and hierarchy mean little or nothing to them. They do not want to be part of any social games or power plays. They are also least concerned with how others view them and instead derive their self-worth and respect from their values.

4. Need to belong

An Alpha is only an Alpha if he is at the head of the pack. Thus, they need a social construct that they can lead or dominate to define themselves. It constrains them to specific behavioral patterns and social circles.

A Sigma male doesn’t require any of this to be himself and is fine in a social hierarchy where he isn’t ranked high. Indeed, he can even function as a loner, not relying on anyone at all. It allows such men greater social freedom.

5. Humility

Since an Alpha male’s self-worth is closely tied to society’s perception, they have an innate need to showcase their personality and achievements. They talk or brag about themselves and reinforce to the rest of the “pack” that they are the Alpha males.

Sigma males differ in this regard as well. Their focus lies more on the job itself than the societal standards. They will do the job to the best of their ability and not care for praise or public opinion. Their need for appreciation ends at them being seen as people who can do a good job.

6. Perception

Alpha men are characterized as aggressive, opinionated, competitive, and constantly active. People usually see an Alpha as someone who craves attention and lives for social validation.

Sigma males are harder to read for most people. Indeed, most people might not even know what the term even means since mainstream psychology has bracketed men into Alpha vs Beta for so long. Once people know someone with Sigma characteristics, they are seen as independent thinkers, lone wolves (as opposed to being in an Alpha’s “pack”), disassociated from a lot of social conventions, and good listeners.

Sigma males have only recently started to gain recognition as a personality type. For a very long time, the male psyche’s discussion was classified into black and white or “Alpha or Beta.” A Sigma male, while having traits from both, is different from them. He can be a good listener but also state his point eloquently. He will abstain from immediate judgment but can be a good judge of character through his observation and listening skills.