Khaby Lame has signed a multi-year deal with Hugo Boss likely worth 6-7 figures. He’s also featured in Meta ($800B company) & Microsoft ($2T company) campaigns. 2 years ago he was a factory worker, now he’s leveraging his 200M audience to work with the worlds biggest companies.

The Tiktoker Khaby Lame has scored a massive campaign with Hugo Boss, also co-designing a capsule collection with the label. Just two years ago, Lame was a factory worker who quit his job when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. However, since he took to TikTok during the stay-at-home induced lockdowns, Lame has emerged as one of the app’s most followed creators–all while being mute.

Tiktok and social media in general allows major career growth for many creators. It is good to see a black creator benefiting from the app. This is especially true after criticisms have been given to popular white creators who benefit from the trends and dances started by black Tiktokers, without crediting them and eventually getting far more exposure. Addison Rae in particular was criticised when she used creator Jalaiah Harmon’s “Renegade” dance in an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, an event that she has apologised for.

This brings to mind recurring issues in which black people create styles and trends that are not praised until they are seen on a white person, as seen when Kylie Jenner was praised for making wigs cool, or with the entire Kardashian clan ‘popularising’ facial and body features that are more associated with black women. The success of creators such as Khaby Lame is hopefully a sign that black creators are finally getting their due.