Kanye West has been dressing everyone around him in Balenciaga since the second Donda listening party last year, we shouldn’t be surprised that Julia Fox is too.
There are many sources telling us that he has been visiting every Balenciaga Store he is near in North America and actually buying (not being gifted, though the funds could very much be returned after the fact) one of everything in the store in Kim’s size, though we may draw a conclusion now that he is buying this as an average/sample size, or more cynically he has a “type”.

He’s also rumoured to be stockpiling Balenciaga shoes, lining walls in his LA studios with boxes stacked high with the instruction for visitors and entourage to pick pairs in their sizes.

This is without considering more obvious outfitting like the Sunday Service Choir who are dressed in the brand.

Ye also is understood to be creative directing the social media content of a few influencers; namely putting then in Balenciaga outfits and telling them how they should be photographed, beyond the particular casting of these individuals.

His visits to store perhaps is a move to turn the Balenciaga retail spots into attractions, a spot where everyone could wants to be seen, but more so photographed. The brand with their new store builds across the world and activations like lifelike wax figures play into this concept along with the Balenciaga architecture team who work with Ye.

@kardashian_kolloquium’s thoughts regarding Balenciaga dressing hyperreality is exactly what it is when analysed but it comes naturally; for the Donda set it’s just mutually beneficial marketing and they understand that they get likes, views and clicks and the value of that to a brand today.

It’s not new to dress a life landmark, look no further than the Diana revenge dress which symbolised her divorce and the mess around that. But the Ye, Kim, Demna trifecta seem to have broken the fourth wall but at the same time transparently manipulate the situation; always to their advantage.