As the local music scene of Kenyan rappers has been growing and the list and roster of top rappers from Kenya has been expanding Kenya’s entertainment industry is not only one of the leaders of East Africa, but one of the leaders of the entire continent, especially as Africa has many stars and celebrities that have become internationally known for their work across the globe.

As Ricky Oyaro is credited for the introduction of Kenyan hip hop music, the early 1990s is the true beginning for the foundation of rap music in Kenya. Some of the first name brand Kenyan rappers of the 1990s were artists like Hardstone, Poxi Presha, Kalamashaka, K-South, Abbas Kubaff, and a few others.

While the 1990s was the true beginning of the Kenyan hip hop scene, the 2000s was the era that Kenyan rap music was truly established as artists like GidiGidi MajiMaji, E-Sir, Necessary Noize, Longombas, Kleptomaniax, Nonini, Jimwat, Camp Mulla, Juacali, P-Unit, Pilipili, and a handful of others helped solidify the genre as a true movement that became a main attraction for music and entertainment in Kenya.

Even though Kenya is a large East African country with a population of over 50 million, the heart of Kenyan hip hop has always been in the city of Nairobi. One could say that Nairobi is the center for Kenya’s entertainment and nightlife, which over the years has been consisted with numerous clubs for the locals and for tourist. One of the most famous nightclubs was the former Florida 2000, also known as the F2. Florida 2000 was operated from the 1980s into the 2010s and was a go to spot for many Kenyan rappers to showcase their talents. Florida 2000 would play a major role in helping Kenyan rap artists establish themselves in the local hip hop scene.

From top production by producers like Ogopa Deejays, Tedd Josiah, or Clemo to world class studios, as well having one of Africa’s most popular nightlife scenes, Kenyan rappers have everything that is needed to succeed in music and to be relevant in the world of hip hop. To showcase the current roster of talented rappers from Kenya the list below breaks down a list of over 25 top Kenyan hip hop artists.

Top 25 Kenyan Rappers

1. Octopizzo, follow on Instagram: @Octopizzo and watch more on Youtube: Octopizzo

2. Khaligraph Jones, follow on Instagram: @Khaligraph Jones and watch more on Youtube: Khaligraph Jones

3. Darassa, follow on Instagram: @Darassa and watch more on Youtube: Darassa

4. King Kaka, follow on Instagram: @King Kaka and watch more on Youtube: King Kaka

5. Ssaru, follow on Instagram: @Ssaru and watch more on Youtube: Ssaru

6. Rekles, follow on Instagram: @Rekles and watch more on Youtube: Rekles

7. BOONDOCKS GANG, follow on Instagram: @BOONDOCKS GANG and watch more on Youtube: BOONDOCKS GANG

8. Trio Mio, follow on Instagram: @Trio Mio and watch more on Youtube: Trio Mio

9. Mbogi Genje, follow on Instagram: @Mbogi Genje and watch more on Youtube: Mbogi Genje

10. Wakadinali, follow on Instagram: @Wakadinali and watch more on Youtube: Wakadinali

11. Boutross, follow on Instagram: @Boutross and watch more on Youtube: Boutross

12. Ochungulo Family, follow on Instagram: @Ochungulo Family and watch more on Youtube: Ochungulo Family

13. Buruklynboyz, follow on Instagram: @Buruklynboyz and watch more on Youtube: Buruklynboyz

14. Chris Kaiga, follow on Instagram: @Chris Kaiga and watch more on Youtube: Chris Kaiga 

15. Benzema, follow on Instagram: @Benzema and watch more on Youtube: Benzema 

16. Breeder LW, follow on Instagram: @Breeder LW and watch more on Youtube: Breeder LW 

17. Kahu$h, follow on Instagram: @Kahu$h and watch more on Youtube: Kahu$h

18. Kappy, follow on Instagram: @Kappy and watch more on Youtube: Kappy

19. Joefes, follow on Instagram: @Joefes and watch more on Youtube: Joefes

20. WAKALI WAO, follow on Instagram: @WAKALI WAO and watch more on Youtube: WAKALI WAO

21. Maandy, follow on Instagram: @Maandy and watch more on Youtube: Maandy

22. SEWERSYDAA MKADINALI, follow on Instagram: @SEWERSYDAA and watch more on Youtube: SEWERSYDAA

23. Barak Jacuzzi, follow on Instagram: @Barak Jacuzzi and watch more on Youtube: Barak Jacuzzi

24. Mastar VK, follow on Instagram: @Mastar VK and watch more on Youtube: Mastar VK

25. Dyana Cods, follow on Instagram: @Dyana Cods and watch more on Youtube: Dyana Cods

Honorable Rappers from Kenya

SilversTone Barz follow on Instagram: @SilversTone Barz   |  Youtube: SilversTone Barz

Steph Kapela follow on Instagram: @Steph Kapela  |  Youtube: Steph Kapela

Virusi Mbaya follow on Instagram: @Virusi Mbaya  |  Youtube: Virusi Mbaya

Elisha Elai follow on Instagram: @Elisha Elai  |  Youtube: Elisha Elai

Groovy Jo follow on Instagram: @Groovy Jo  |  Youtube: Groovy Jo

Jovie Jovv follow on Instagram: @Jovie Jovv  |  Youtube: Jovie Jovv

Korb$ follow on Instagram: @Korb$  |  Youtube: Korb$

TNT follow on Instagram: @TNT  |  Youtube: TNT

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