• The singer made the news public on his social media on Thursday, leaving his fans in eager anticipation.
  • The new release is the first off his ‘Heavy is the crown’ album.’
  • Chimano will be the third out of the quartet to release his individual project.

Chimano will be the third out of the quartet to release his individual project, following the launch of their solo careers and what the afro-pop boy band is calling ’Alone-Together.’

“Drown in the sauce. Friday Feeling. Heavy is the crown. Soul style attitude,” he captioned a photo of the song’s cover.

This follows the release of Fancy Fingers’ ‘Father Studies’ that came on the back of Bien’s joint EP with Aaron Rimbui dubbed ‘Bald Men Love Better’.

Savara will be last in the group to drop his first solo project that he is currently working on, titled ‘Savage Level’.

The 7-track HEAVY IS THE CROWN EP is the beginning of a new chapter for Chimano. He reveals, “I needed to be myself fully because of my found conviction and I needed to have courage to be that for others, to inspire them to see that they can also be themselves. The crown in this case is on you and me. If you go through life in kindness, standing up for your dreams and aspirations, respecting your fellow human beings and respecting the right of others to live unrestricted as long as it’s not an infringement on your human rights then you have a crown on your head. It’s hard to ignore the burdens society puts on you but by believing and focusing on yourself while being kind to others, you have crowned yourself and don’t need anyone to validate that.”

“It’s the first time I am actually putting my creativity to the test by myself and I am serving realness as we all should”. “Friday Feeling” is the first single off his upcoming EP titled HEAVY IS THE CROWN, expected to be released in early 2022.

Ahead of the release, Chimano shares, “Going out and having fun shouldn’t be an uphill task because you immediately start thinking of the inhibitions that may affect you. ‘Friday Feeling’ is about embracing your body, your outfit, your crew and your hard earned money. This song is about having a good time and in my case a good ass queer time. It’s a feeling of freedom. Do you, be extra, be alive and free! That’s Friday Feeling!”

The music video is characterized by the 80s culture, indulging in non binary fashion , sexual dancing moves and a very queer frame.

Watch Chimano’s video below :