kanyewest sends an army of his clones around New York wearing his Yzy Gap jacket as well as Balenciaga footwear and Apple Airpods Max, finished off with the mask which has become a meme of Kanye’s presence. It comes as a promotion of Donda Deluxe becoming available on Tidal, an extended version of Ye’s album.

Many have raised the point; do we actually know the masked person is Kanye? Yet somehow the Kanye brand is strong enough that we believe or we know. Without the recognition of his face, his costume has become an identifying part of his persona and brand.

The irony that a mask, something that is used to obscure your identity has become the identifier.

This stunt to subvert that recognition and branding, scaling his identity makes fun of this idea yet still establishes it’s principle.

Creating visual moments for social media like this shows signs of being a big part of how fashion is communicated going forward. Beyond the catwalk/runway the whole world and the metaverse (in its current state as social media) is a space for fashion performance and presentation.