Marcus Garvey was one of the greatest Black leaders we ever had. He said that Black people will never be successful depending on other races of people, he said that as Black people we must come together and do for self. I’m going to list some of Marcus Garvey’s achievements.

1. Marcus Garvey built factories, where he made black dolls for black kids to play with.

2. He built a hotel.

3. He built a chain of grocery stores.

4. His organisation had their own trucking company.

5. He built schools.

6. He built restaurants.

7. His organization had their own printing press.

8. He started 3 newspapers.

9. His main newspaper was called the Negro World, and that newspaper was published in Spanish and French.

10. His organization bought 5 ships and they started practicing international trade and commerce.

11. Marcus Garvey’s organization owned office buildings.

12. They also bought an auditorium in New York, and that’s where he mainly spoke and this place was called Liberty Hall.

13. By 1922 Marcus Garvey organization had 6 million members.

14. They had branches in 40 countries.

15. Marcus Garvey also started his own political party, and he named it The Peoples Political Party.

Marcus Garvey did all of that without help from the Government, and he did it with an 8th grade education.