Danny describes himself as “a very ambitious, hard-working engineer who strives to develop life-changing solutions to improve people’s life”.

Danny Manu is a Ghanaian engineer and tech entrepreneur who built the world’s first auto-translator earbuds.

Born in the United Kingdom to Ghanaian parents, Danny studied at Oxford Brookes University. From Oxford Brookes, he moved to work at Quanta Networks, a data and cloud solutions enterprise.

In 2014, he established MyManu. Mymanu is an innovative manufacturer and designer of smart consumer electronics that enrich people’s experience through the power of sound. From earbuds to Bluetooth speakers, Mymanu seeks to maintain an exceptionally strong commitment to research to transform yesterday’s fiction into tomorrow’s reality.

“If you truly believe in your product and ideas, you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing other people to believe in them too,” Manu shared.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the self-made entrepreneur also founded Medybird, a medical and industrial personal protective equipment (PPE manufacturer). His aim? To help countries in need. 

“I wanted to help my community and do some good, and Medybird was the perfect solution,” said Manu. “I saw how COVID 19 was affecting the BAME [Black, Asian, and minority ethnic] communities and my fellow local businesses here in Manchester—it was heartbreaking to watch.”