Gordon Parks was a photographer, pianist, poet, and filmmaker. 

Gordon started his photography career in Minneapolis doing pictures for a department store. he had bought a camera in Seattle at a pawnshop and taught himself photography. His work caught the eye of the wife of famous boxer Joe Lewis who encouraged him to move to Chicago where he open the studio and prospered.

He became one of the preeminent fashion and commercial photographers of the day also social commentary photography and also became The first very prominent black film producer director founding the black exploitation genre of films in the 1970s.

Early in his life he also made his way as a singer as a laborer, working in Gentlemens club‘s and various other hardscrabble Jobs as he had basically been thrown out of his house immediately following his mothers death at his age of 15. That occurred in Kansas and he was sent to live with his sister in Minneapolis where his career started.

There’s a famous photo series shot by Gordon Parks in 1956 focusing on this. Here are some of the best-known images: [sources: 123]