Did digital photography kill artistic photography? NO!

credit Images : Nick Knight/ShowStudio

Ninety nine percent of the effort in getting a good photograph is in how you you took the picture

The most important lesson of all is to make sure that you “fill the frame.” For instance, if you’re taking a picture of Aunt Martha’s face, make sure her face will take up most of the picture; not the background, and not the sky. Yes, with photo editing software, you can zoom in on Aunt Martha. However, even cell phone cameras are now so good that if you fill the frame, you can often get an image so good that it looks like you’re staring right at the subject rather than a picture.

Another way of looking at this is “composing the shot.” That means patiently finding an interesting viewpoint with your own eyes, putting a camera up to your face and taking an image of what you saw.

I would say that Digital photography has in fact added to the artistic capabilities of photography.

Digital is a huge advantage, because digital makes it easy and cheap.

I have seen some very good artistic photography even with phone cameras (which are digital cameras) – although limited in what they can do in many ways there are none the less still some very talented users who have taken excellent photos with them.

The more tools an artist has to select from, the more opportunity the artist has to use his imagination freely. Digital tools are merely that, tools that expand opportunity, may reduce expenses, and give the artist more freedom for self expression.

Digital takes nothing away from the art of photography, so long as the tools are used thoughtfully.

5 Points to take :

  • digital photography brought photography to artist rather than technician
  • digital photo connect with a lot of creative tool
  • digital allow a control on the spot of the artwork rather than after development
  • digital photography is very forgiving. Use the a daylight film while shooting interior and you’ll know your pain. Miss your white balance on digital and click once to correct it
  • anyone can operate a digital camera and start exploring new ways of creating