Beethoven never got a chance to finish his 10th symphony – but now, almost two centuries after his death, artificial intelligence (AI) has done just that.

A team of musicologists at the Karajan Institute in #Salzburg fed the scribbled jottings of Beethoven’s unfinished score into a computer.

Through that, #AI learnt how Beethoven composed, and orchestrated two movements to finally finish the piece.

But unlike #Beethoven, the AI was not lovesick, drunk, nor ever threw an ice bucket over its head – so can it really compete with human creativity?

Well, the team behind it say they see the technology ‘not as a replacement, but as a tool.’

Considering that there was absolutely nothing artificial about Beethoven’s creative process, many are skeptical and unfortunately, with Beethoven dead, we’ll never find out if the AI’s composition would be music to his ears.