Fashion allows someone’s personality to come to life,” Wilson said. “You can really identify someone’s personality by their tunnel fits.”

Wilson turned to a past collaborator who made jerseys for her to make the jersey dresses of Swoopes’ Houston Comets jersey and Leslie’s high school jersey for the Morningside Lady Monarchs in Los Angeles, where she once scored 101 points in a game in just two quarters against South Torrence High, which scored just 23 points and forfeited by halftime.

“I thought jersey dresses look cute,” Wilson said. “The Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets jersey dress was big in the South.”

Wilson said she doesn’t work with a stylist often, but has for the Espy’s and she may call her brother for some advice on which socks to go with. She prefers to dress comfortably in brands like Gucci and Fear of God Essentials and not overthink what she wears in order to prepare for a game. “I feel like you should be prepping for your game, but on the other hand I’d love a stylist for when you’re going to be seen.”

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