“As I look ahead in my career, I want to diversify my creative skills and explore new ways and platforms to reach fans through collecting and digital art,” Biles said in a statement. “I am excited to work with Autograph and provide my perspective as part of the advisory board. I am honored to join a group of very accomplished legends and greats across all sports to collaborate with Autograph and help lead the next generation of digital collecting for our fans.”

Autograph’s Simone Biles NFT collection is created in collaboration with Religion of Sports, which is behind the Facebook Watch series “Simone vs. Herself.” The series explores an in-depth look at her life, training and challenges she faces. “Simone vs. Herself” will continue in the weeks ahead, and will include footage from her time competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

The gymnast will join other all-star athletes such as Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk on Autograph’s advisory board.

Simone Biles to Release First NFT Collection With Autograph