Former Camp Mulla member Miss Karun has opened up on the Kenyan music industry and her struggle with mental health.

Karun said she suffered depression and put on medication months after moving to Boston.

“There is a seasonal depression that happens very often in the winter, and that is what happened to me. That is the first time I was on medication for depression,” Karun said.

Despite being on medication for depression, the singer was later diagnosed with anxiety that subsequently resulted to causing panic attacks.

“Anxiety can show up as overthinking or over-analysing situations, but that has not happened to me yet

It can come through panic attacks. I had a panic attack in university. People assume mental health is for white people,” added Karun.

The RnB singer and songwriter,expressed her dismay, saying the Kenyan music industry is not yet at a place where it fully supports artists grow and hone their talents.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 11 to 12 years and it still makes no sense. It’s still extremely difficult to continue thriving here. And so the few selected ‘successful’ artists that you can say are making it, it still baffles me that we can keep going because the industry isn’t very forgiving,” said Karun.

The mother of one went on saying that Kenya artists put a lot into their music, time, money, effort, and creativity, that it eventually stops making sense.

Karun said she knew they did not know what they were doing after Camp Mulla broke up.

“We were international-level superstars in an industry that did not have structure. Being a 15-year-old means you have to figure yourself out and that only happens by making mistakes. Even now we do not have art that can be exported and work here,” she said.

Karun further disclosed that she was ready to have a child by the time she got pregnant.

“When I found out I was gonna have a son I wasn’t surprised, I was ready to have a child so that’s where the decision to continue the journey came from

“I am out he fact that my son he surprises me everyday but he shows me that he is very much himself and that makes me feel very good,” she said. 

Karun had this to say on her instagram account :

This was super hard to do…
No ones ever asked me to do anything as in depth as this, and I guess it was time.
Thanks @Bikozulu and co. for giving me a platform to share my story.
Ready for a new chapter, ready to move on!

You can watch my feature on Bikozulu’s interview series on youtube (Link in bio)
It also aired on Citizen, NTV, and KTN 🧡

A lot of what happened 10+ years ago gets a little foggy, so what I said in this feature isn’t the entire picture, but I’m glad I was given the forum to express some of these thoughts and share some of these memories.

S/O to all the big and small players behind the scenes giving Kenyan artists a real shot at this crazy dream.
The industry has grown so much and is in a MUCH better place than what I referenced in this video.

Otherwise, I said what I said. 💅