Hip-Hop is a modern art form of an ancient tradition dating back older than languages. Back then there was just one tongue we all spake. Pun intended you see, that’s how some people see, envisioning the past, present, and future simultaneously. Hip-Hop is a #bridge uniting all #PeoplesTribesNationsTongues to join as one in a consensus, #NoMoreTyranny

It can be said for sure, this old world has come to an end. Hip-Hop has catalogued this event, it was written long ago in a book no one has ever read. What rises in the #ash we all #cocreate together, simultaneously, like friends in a dream racing to the end. We can choose to co-create consciously or unconsciously, either way we reach our destination. What will you think of yourself then?

Hip-Hop is much more than #GunsNalcohol ya’ll, more than about being an #outcast or a #sexualfantasy between friends.

Hip-Hop is artistic expression of each unique individual experiencing life as a Black American, #collectively


People often forget what hip-hop is, what it came from, what it means. It’s not just a popular form of entertainment. It’s not just the most influential form of artistic expression since, oh I don’t know #heiroglyphics It’s not just kids running around smoking weed, waving props, displaying teen angst, and pushing for #change by […]

HipHop is Black Art – In all it’s forms