Lewis Hamilton broke new territory in motorsport reaching his 100th career win at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher held the record for the most career wins at 91 — a number that was 40 clear of the previous record and seemed unbeatable when Hamilton started out in F1 back in 2007. But as it has become clear that Hamilton would surpass that number over the past 12 months, the perceived limit of what is possible in a single F1 career has been redefined.

Lewis Hamilton continues to rewrite the Formula 1 record books, in terms of victories and championship titles. He overhauled the previous record tally of 91 wins at the 2020 Portuguese GP, the second victory in a string of five more consecutive wins last year, and now 100 wins in Sochi.

“Today we won our 100th race! Words can’t describe how it feels to make history with this team of hardworking, driven and passionate human beings. They encourage me to push past the limits and todays win is a result of our incredible teamwork. Thank you for continuing to believe in us — our shared dream is alive and strong. We must keep fighting, keep rising. We’ve got a championship to win. ” – Hamilton

2021 hasn’t been quite the dream run, but here’s a champion not afraid of some stiff competition. 100 wins, enough said!