Kanye West and Nick Knight’s relationship is a fruitful one. Having collaborated on previous projects before – including West’s own clothing brand, Yeezy – the pair are used to each other’s creative working styles, pushing and inspiring one another continuously to reach higher, bringing what would, at times, appear to be the ‘unimaginable’ to life. Considering this, it only seemed natural for the music legend – commonly referred to as one of the world’s leading cultural figures of today – to turn to Nick Knight with his vision.

The result is a beautifully spiritual watch; its visuals as calming as its lyrics, soothing and uplifting in equal manner.

After multiple delays, Donda finally arrived late last month. Although West subsequently claimed that the album was released by Universal without his approval, the LP has remained on streaming services. In early September, Kanye dropped the visual for “Come to Life,” which includes footage from his August 26 listening event (Kim Kardashian West in a wedding dress, Kanye self-immolating, etc).

The visual picks up where his second Atlanta event left off, where Kanye ascended to the skies from Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Here, he’s floating above the clouds. It was directed by Nick Knight. Watch it below: