Developed in partnership with Kano Computing, the musical gadget is designed to let users customize any song, with controls that manipulate the vocals, drums, bass, and samples, isolate parts, and add effects. It can also split songs into stems and offers 4-loop mixing, live sampling, and playback. The device is presented in a soft silicone disc with 4 touch-sensitive light sliders, speakers, and has 8GB of storage. The Donda Stem Player is currently available for preorder and will ship with Donda.

The tiny, silicone DONDA Stem Player is made in partnership with Kano and allows users to “customize any song” from the forthcoming album. This is achieved by plugging the device into your computer and splitting the individual samples (vocals, bass, drums, etc), letting you create your own songs with pieces of Kanye’s production.

Bear in mind, DONDA Stem Player is more than a mere storage case for DONDA samples: it apparently allows for 4-channel mixing, loop and speed control, live sampling, in-unit listening via external speakers or headphones, lights that flash in time with the music, and much more.

Another key takeaway: the Stem Player can be loaded with the music of your choice via the Stem Player site, which has an email for interested parties to reach out about distributing their own music. For now, only customers in American and the UK can purchase one, though.