“Disruptive innovation” results when you’ve made something easier, more profitable or a combination of the two. Disruption, in fact, is a mechanism that has turned various industries into what they are today.

An example? The retail and resale sectors have seen their share of disruption, thanks to online marketplaces, where almost any entrepreneur can open an ecommerce store. Amazon, eBay and Etsy have all contributed mightily to the annals of disruption, as well.

Other areas primed for disruption? You wouldn’t think there would be another way to disrupt the selling process, but you’d be wrong: Consider this entrepreneurs who have found a new way to disrupt the second hand fashion marketplace, through their eCommerce startup Lukhu.

Lukhu, founded by Benedict Kuloba (Lukhu’s chief Executive officer) and Rey Mungai (Lukhu’s Chief Product Officer) , is a reseller marketplace for second hand fashion.

So, how does Luhku function? In fact, the company starts, as expected, with the latest reseller technique of taking and submitting a picture of the user’s item to sell. The expectation is that when the selling process becomes simple, more items will come to market. Luhku aims to remove the hassles associated with traditional marketplaces.

However Luhku is in its early stages of development and it aims to secure further exposure and potential funding as they progress in the ongoing competition by Arielle for Africa.

Here is a statement we secured from one of the Founders, Rey Mungai below:

” Lukhu is a Kenyan startup building a platform that makes it simple, convenient, and affordable to buy and sell second-hand clothing online. The Lukhu app will enable users to buy and sell, access secure payments as well as affordable and convenient delivery all on one platform. We will be launching early July 2021. Apart from buying and selling, users can donate clothing or proceeds from sales made on Lukhu to local organisations. We recently won Founders Live Nairobi and are now competing to win Founders Live Africa and proceed to the global competition. You can watch our 99-seconds pitch the link in our bio to activate the vote button.”