American interior designer Kelly Wearstler has designed a virtual garage in the desert that she imagines housing basketball player LeBron James’ electric Hummer.

Informed by California’s modernist architecture and the landscape around Joshua Tree, the house-garage hybrid was designed to mark the launch of the electric Hummer with James envisioned as the client.

“I imagined that LeBron James, who is the ambassador for the Hummer EV, would live there,” Wearstler told Dezeen.

“I wanted to create a super sexy home in the desert where his vehicle is a sculpture.”

“I think we are starting to see the value in virtual art and design more than ever before,” said Wearstler.

“Since the pandemic began it has provided accessible and safe sources of escape and become highly valued,”  continued Wearstler.

“You now see virtual art and design being sold and auctioned for huge amounts.”

“The quality of these virtual interiors is also so high now that you are starting to lose boundaries between the virtual and the real,” she added.

“I think we’ll start to see them blending in more with real-life interiors so that we create a mix.”

A 40-second-long concept video for the virtual interior shows an electric car driving through a desert landscape until it meets a set of interlocking bronze gates.

Past the gates, a canyon-style channel with sensor-controlled lights guides the car to a semi-underground parking bay.

A turntable lift then rises up with the car through a circular opening, slotting into the centre of an open plan living room above.

Below are photos of the residence:

Hummer EV house in Joshua Tree
Hummer EV virtual design interior for California
Kelly Wearstler virtual design for Hummer EV
Hummer EV house garage by Kelly Wearstler
Virtual furniture in the Hummer EV garage