Apple has officially updated its Apple Maps feature to allow users to find nearby COVID-19 vaccination locations. Apple services will showcase 20,000 vaccination locations across the nation.

In order to find the nearest location, users can tap on the search bar and tap the specified COVID-19 Vaccination icon, found under the “Find Nearby” menu. Additionally, users can also use the ask Siri function and pose the question of where the nearest COVID vaccination center is.

The current vaccine update for Apple Maps comes from VaccineFinder, a free online service that was developed by Boston Children’s Hospital to provide the latest vaccine availability information to eligible pharmacies and providers throughout the U.S.

Each of the listings includes address, phone number and hours of operation information as well as a link to each site’s website. The company is expected to roll out additional listings in the next couple of weeks, taking the tally to well above 20,000 officially vaccination locations made available to Apple Map users.

To further combat the spread of COVID-19, Apple Maps now has a mobility data trends tool that is meant to support the work happening worldwide to mitigate the risk of the Coronavirus pandemic. The mobility data provides insights to local governments and health authorities as well as showing areas with changes in volumes of human traffic.

Apple Maps is the latest tech addition to ensuring Americans are well-informed regarding details of vaccination centers. Those who live in the U.S. can still utilize Facebook and Google services to find similar information.

Source : Hypebeast