Virgin has released a concept video that gives a pretty detailed picture of how it imagines its Hyperloop to be when it launches. Just two months ago, the company conducted its first crewed test, and now it’s showing how citizens will travel via Hyperloop.

The video is approximately two and a half minutes, featuring 3D renderings by Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels and design studio Teague. Imagined in first-person, the video shows the passenger journey, from entering the station to finding a seat in the Hyperloop pod. The pods will be evenly spread out and move in unison at an incredible speed. Inside the pod is a comfortably lit setting with a minimal interior — one distinctive feature is a time display shown on the back of each seat, showing how long the journey will take. Each pod has a maximum occupancy of 28 people, but Virgin is set on running them in groups to accommodate “thousands of passengers per hour.” CEO Jay Walder notes how he plans on making the Hyperloop affordable: “if it’s not affordable, people won’t use it. High-speed transport is currently not feasible for most people, but we want to change that notion.”

Virgin plans on running Hyperloop’s first passenger operation by 2030.