On 2020/06/26 it was announced that Kanye West’s Yeezy line would be going into a long term collaboration with the Gap in a ploy to revive Gap’s cachet with the younger consumer and get Yeezy to the masses through Gap’s vast network of distribution points .

A statement from The NewYork Times says “The Gap brand, which has flailed in recent years as it struggled with an identity crisis, has a new idea for how to revive its fortunes: Kanye West. The retailer is teaming up with Mr. West and Yeezy, his fashion company, for a new clothing line called Yeezy Gap, which will be introduced in the first half of 2021, the companies said on Friday. Yeezy’s design studio, under Mr. West’s creative direction, plans to create “modern, elevated basics for men, women and kids at accessible price points.” Mr. West’s “design vision” will extend to how the line will be showcased in Gap’s stores and online.” “Gap is making a far bigger bet on Yeezy and Mr. West, a celebrity, creative entrepreneur, rapper and designer, than a typical designer collaboration. They agreed to a 10-year deal starting this month, with the option to renew after five years, according to a person familiar with the negotiations, who was not authorized to speak publicly. At the five-year point, Gap is hoping that Yeezy Gap will be generating $1 billion in annual sales. For context, Gap’s brand brought in $4.6 billion in global revenue last year.”

However a popular Facebook group projects that the deal might Not be happening yet in a post issued by its founder IoIo Edwards , he says ” I heard that Kanye West x Gap may no longer be happening. Does anyone have more information?This isn’t based on this; but Mowalola has removed it from her bio. There was also discourse from kanye that he wanted to be on the board or something or he wouldn’t do it right?”

The comments wear as follows

“oh shit i was really looking forward to that. it’s all been very quiet recently and kanye normally posts alot of samples and teasers of stuff he’s working on on his twitter and he hasn’t done this for Yeezy gap for ages”

“Seems like it still be happening? This is from 2 days ago, where someone asked whether it would be an international release or not. Kanye often changes his plans and projects, which could be why Mowalola ain’t a part of it anymore”

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“Well, did you remember the last thing he showed for YZY? there were no Mowalola stuff there anymore already. Its the first thing I saw.
And if it’s already not happening anymore I wouldn’t be surprised either… Kanye was doing some kind of blackmailing (not sure about the English term) to obtain shares, a board seat, and stuff on the top of what he already negotiated at first. I would have been the board, I wouldn’t have let the wolf enter. Felt like a hold up a bit.
Also… im still waiting for Donda… that project that had to come out next Friday 6 months ago, from what we had one amazing sound already.
(But I hope its gonna happen, maybe not with Mowalola, but that YZY thing can be great)”

What do you guys think?