Multiple sources are calling the new technology “Apple Glasses,” and it works much in the same way a user can unlock their MacBook when wearing an Apple Watch.

In the patent, Apple has described the device as “an authenticated device that is worn by a user as a head-mounted device.” Devices are only unlocked when wearers get close enough to them, though Apple hasn’t disclosed yet exactly what this range of distance would be. It’s a solution that helps streamline the user experience across multiple devices by reducing the amount of unlocking a user is required. Moreover, users won’t run into the problem of unknowingly unlocking a device since the Apple Glasses will need “special orientation” from the users for the unlocking function — this could include any number of gestures, like turning to face the device or voice command. Further details of the design remain scarce.

It would increase productivity/workflow and free up time from devices. I believe a big part of the focus would be accessibility and agree with Apple pursuing this route along with their investment in health/Apple watch. This potential device would/will be massive for handicapped people.

Some sources have suggested that the Apple Glasses will launch later this year.

Image : Phonearena

Source: Hypebeast