I have been the Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) since 2010. The NMK manages regional museums across the country, and the Nairobi National Museum is the headquarters. When I was appointed art curator, I was only nine months into a new position as Programmes Coordinator in one of the units overseeing regional museums. I was just getting used to my new role, but my predecessor had gone for further studies. At first instance, I was surprised and a little unsettled with the changes, but since my innate affiliation is to the arts, I got on with it. The museum has several curators attached to different areas of expertise, who work hand in hand with the relevant museum research scientists. The NMK has one art curator, and that’s me. I curate most of the art exhibitions at the museum, but we also have guest curators. An example is the exhibition “In Vitro” by Brazilian artist Leo Coimbra, in December 2019. The artist designed her own exhibition plan, and I installed it with the museum’s exhibition team.

Studio visit at artist Kamunya Wanjuki with my artist daughter Martha Shavuya

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