Now, the company announced the release of High Tales, a new digital series chronicling iconic figures from hip hop and their experience with cannabis.

The brand describes the series as an “exploration of how, no matter who you are and what your background, you probably have a great cannabis story to tell. Narrated by an engaging cast of characters, the series showcases how cannabis brings all kinds of people together and helps transcend music, art, and creativity.”

“High Tales looks to the people in MONOGRAM’s orbit for a storytelling series that focuses on a first cannabis experience, how relationships with cannabis form and evolve, and what life is like in the world of legal cannabis,” states the company website. “This is an intimate trip down memory lane with a particularly engaging cast of characters across disciplines because it’s time we do our part to further normalize the recreational use of cannabis.”

The new show will feature stars including N.O.R.E, The-Dream, and Jadakiss sharing their high stories with viewers. “Weed is universally appreciated. We all have a connection through our experiences with the plant and the kinds of creativity it can inspire, regardless of your background or what you do in life,” said Jadakiss in a statement sent to BLACK ENTERPRISE. “High Tales is about telling those stories that we can all relate to.”