“The Messenger” created by Sudanese-American and Dreamville star Bas throws a global spotlight on the thunderous circumstances many African countries face. The artist, along with many other successful acts, continues to use his voice and platform to unite Africans and tear down the oppressive forces suffocating them.

Staying true to what he knows though, the Grammy-nominated Bas released his new single “Smoke From Fire” with The Hicks this week. Produced by Deputy, the song encourages listeners with affirmations speaking to a better and stronger world for all. Telling listeners to never lose hope, Bas says of the track, “Smoke from Fire” is about coming out of a destructive space and rising above it,” he says. “Out of this fire, this destructive force, we rise above and we rebuild, reinvent and keep progressing.”

Listen to the new podcast “The Messenger” and Bas’ new single “Smoke From Fire” here.