For this video, The Weeknd created a version of himself post-major plastic surgery. All of his features were dramatically exaggerated to a caricature of himself. It’s pretty clear that the singer didn’t actually get this work done. So, the man behind the makeup, Prosthetic Renaissance Makeup-FX Studio designer Mike Marino, decided to show fans how the look came to life.

After the video debuted, Marino took to Instagram where he revealed the makeup’s original concept.

“My original rough sculpture and separated appliances with textures,” Marino captioned the gallery of pictures. “Consisting of 4 prosthetic appliances, main face being a collapsible mold.”

The process consisted of making a rough mold of The Weeknd’s distorted face. Marino and his team then started to add different prosthetics to the sculpture. Once these pieces were created, they were presumably added to The Weeknd’s face to create the unique look.