Torsos, thighs, breasts, vaginas, and phalluses. Slim, hairy, chubby, and smooth bodies. Who would have thought that the most intimate parts of our bodies, which we hide under our clothes, can be not only the subject and medium of art but art itself?

Curated by Roshan Mishra and Kapil Mani Dixit, ‘The Virtually Nude Show’ is a carefully chosen and thoughtfully organised virtual exhibition that not only tries to break away from the stereotypes that are usually associated with nude artforms but also celebrates bodies of all kinds.

One of the first artworks that meet the eyes of the visitors is a piece by Roshan Pradhan. Titled as ‘A New World’, through the artwork, Pradhan depicts a future, an apocalyptic world, where robots rule the world.

In the painting, we see a woman indulging in sexual intercourse with a robot. The woman is so lost seeking pleasure that she has closed her eyes and has submitted her body to the robot. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the painting, we see two small kids. In between, them is a tiny robot.

Through these motifs, Pradhan depicts what the future could have in store for us. The woman represents the whole of humankind, and Pradhan, through the woman seeking pleasure from a robot shows how we are submitting our soul and body to robots for the sake of pleasure and excitement that isn’t going to last forever.

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