“The good and the bad of being in this kind of economic situation, (and South Africans will identify with this as we’re at the mercy of the Rand/Dollar exchange), is that Turkey is a country full of surprises. Although the economic instabilities that Turkey faces have its disadvantages, it also creates opportunities that economically stable countries cannot offer. Since Turkey is an emerging economy, there are countless opportunities, and when you find the right way to seize them, your work can have a significant impact.”

ATÖLYE has, for example, been able to work on transdisciplinary projects that include the Open Roof Space at the Private Sezin School in Turkey where an empty unused roof space was turned into a place for meeting, making, learning and working.

Yalcin got her masters’ degree in architecture at Istanbul Technical University before moving on to study Urban Design in Brussels.

She’s also led a project called Container Park where architecture contributed not only to shaping spaces in a resourceful way, but strategically fostering a new culture of ecological sensitivity and community-driven research.

Container Park sits within a technopark at a large public university campus which the team also designed.

“There are many untapped markets as well as industries that need radical interventions. This means that there is an abundance of opportunities and this feeling motivates us. Also as far as economy goes, since we offer design projects in four different design disciplines, negative impact on all of the markets is quite low.”

container park

Full article : https://www.designindaba.com/articles/creative-work/atolye-creating-space-where-community-and-strategic-design-meet