Words By  Wabwire Joseph Ian

Of late I’ve become exceedingly interested in our politics all of a sudden after a long hiatus. And it’s basically because — unlike previous contestations, this one is unique and a very captivating one to follow. It’s going to be historical no matter the outcomes and will shape the future of political dispensation in Uganda and Africa at large. The world is watching.

Unique in a sense that — A young man from the Ghetto turned prominent pop-musician rises from nothing becoming a hard nut to crack for the incumbent ruling party as contender for the highest position in Uganda with nothing politically, intellectually captivating but with “hope for a new refined Uganda where people are at the center of it’s philosophy”. BobiWine symbolizes renewal.

Granted he’s not deeply schooled and is an amateur in political policy, diplomacy, articulation as seen from his dialogues and conversations on the same, even further as critiqued by some sections of the ruling party, Kyagulanyi Sentamu ( a.k.a Bobi-Wine) has been refined by the banal ruthless experiences and pangs of oppression while taking occupancy in the Ghetto ( as Ghetto President) and that can be evidenced from his politically conscious music over the years in which he seems to be standing in solidarity as a voice to the voiceless against a tired dictatorship that has nothing more to offer.

Explains why, most recently— whilst there were many politically articulate humans vying for the seat of Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East Constituency, he emerged winner with a huge statistical difference from his “politicallly woke and articulate” opponents. Also explains why we have the comedian and amateur politician Kato Lubwama an MP in today’s parliament, name them.

Now of course, it’s easier to easily dismiss him as politically immature, but he’s brought another political dimension and ideology to the platform and one that doesn’t revolve around issues ( which are cheap) but actions backed by experience. His intentions regardless, the people want change and in Kyagulanyi they see renewed hope.

Today’s politics has been bustardised and increasingly ordinary impoverished Ugandans are becoming conscious and distrustful of today’s crop of pretentiously seemingly well schooled intellectual elites who in most cases are previleged, misuse their privilege and perceived wokeness to hoodwink ordinary electorates to vote them into power yet in actual sense accelerating their personal ambitions and less for the wanainchi. It seems the more privileged you become in Uganda, the more distanced you become from the realities of life. After all this is a class struggle.

We can say, the people have become woke. Therein lies Bobi wine’s strength. And trust me, he’s got all the odds in his favor. Why, because he’s a young popular musician with an amazing family coming from the Ghetto who embodies what it means to come from nothing to something. He earned it and he’s possibly much better than those that we assume to be elite who by accident of birth got it all figured out. That’s a true test of leadership. You can’t underestimate that! He exemplifies what many young people yearn to have given the right conditions.

The idea that elites have the mental and political sagacity to steer nations is constantly eroding and more people from the lower class are becoming disapproving of this thought process. We are going to see more and more musicians, comedians, among others taking advantage of this gap with their fun-bases rising to the top echelons of power.

In all honesty, never has a seating government become so threatened like ours to an extent of investing billions of resources and tax -payers money, spending sleepless nights worrying about the outcomes of an election like now. What else explains a whole contingent of army men, policemen, spies and arrests for an ordinary “politically immature” man like Bobi-Wine? Who owns no resources, media, army, guns?? etc.

Forget about the Besigye times, Bobi -Wine poses a new existential threat to the incumbent, one that can only be resolved by hiring the likes of Bajjo, Full Figure, Buchaman, Bebe Cool, ghetto bloggers and less of the Andrew Mwendas, Timothy Kalyegira, Onyango Obbo’s types ( laughable right) and this is basically because whereas the latter are informed and highly schooled in matters policy and diplomacy — they are not in sync with the majority bottom line person unlike the former who represent the majority group impoverished by a self-seeking old despot who has nothing more to offer save to enrich his power fetish.

Regardless of the outcomes, this election is an expression of dissatisfaction in the pretentiously elite class, telling them to fuck off with their good for nothing self-consumed cheap brains. Don’t be surprised with the outcomes.

Wabwire Joseph Ian is the Founder, Creative Director & Cultural Producer at KQ Hub Africa ( www.kqhubafrica.com ), an East African based youth collective, creative agency + virtual hub of Creatives

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