Japan still holds the world record. With a top speed of 603 km/hin testing, Japan’s SCMaglev train puts others in the shade. Its standard maximum operating speed is however slower than the Fuxing trains at 320 km/h.

France’s TGV also has the capacity to hit greater speeds (575 km/h), but is likewise limited to 320 km/h in normal operation.

Below is a graph rep of the top ten fastest trains:

At 350 km/h, China’s new Fuxing trains have become the world’s fastest bullet trains, shaving an hour off the 1318 km journey between Shanghai and Beijing.

The new trains put China back in the lead for the fastest trains in operation. Following a fatal crash in 2011, China had reduced the speed of its super-fast train service from the then world’s fastest 350 km/h to 250-300 km/h.