Clubbing and bringing people together through music has been a core part of RaceZine from the very beginning, mostly through Okocha’s night called Tongue N Teeth. It provided (up until the pandemic hit, of course) an opportunity for him to create a space where like-minded people could feel liberated collectively, particularly among the Leeds nightlife landscape, which is largely geared towards cis white bodies. “With support from Sable Radio, plugkeisha, and Wharf Chambers I was able to create TNT, which allowed the night to highlight and pay PoC DJs in the North,” he explains. The event also encourages self-expression and does everything possible to make attendees feel included and safe.

Bringing all these ideas together was The Letter to The Future 2.0, in which Okocha teamed up with several other queer clubbing collectives in the North to create “a manifesto about the ideals we should carry throughout and beyond life under lockdown”. Working with We Are Print Social, he was also able to create a T-shirt which raised £2,300 for The Bail Fund Project, a US-based charity helping pay for bails for those both wrongfully prosecuted and for protestors who are part of the BLM movement. “The other share of profits went to Rainbow Africa, a not-for-profit organisation which is supporting LGBTQI+ Black, Asian and brown bodies in seeking asylum, preventing hate crime, and providing counselling,” says Okocha. “This is one of my proudest projects to date as it fused fashion, design and activism into one.”

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