What is it ?

The creative challenge is a 3-month program that aims to create a supportive opportunity to steward the power of creativity towards community connection in uncertain times and support the sustainability of creative business post-COVID.

The challenge targets 5 creative projects from the different disciplines within the creative industry, vetted and selected by Mettā creative community and industry experts. The challenge allocates ksh 625,000 for the selected 5 creative projects.

The focus will be on interdisciplinary and collaborations between professionals in creative fields that are; fashion, visual arts, design, videography & photography and online content production focusing on thematic areas of social-economic issues, as well as produced & disseminated through online channels.

Who can Apply ?

Anyone outside Nairobi Metropolitan area can to take part in the Creative Challenge 2021 Powered by Hivos East Africa.

Submission Deadline : 10th January 2021

Follow this link to apply : https://metta.co/creative-challenge/?fbclid=IwAR2Qb5g0ollJGMUZisbBEE5uNZMIagRxHPnsoX1uigWx0Qt2hywoZMBQ09g