Marcus Rashford may only be 23, but he’s already being treated like a god. After appearing in Burberry’s recent campaign, the English footballer is now immortalized in a new mural commissioned by the luxury fashion house.

The mural — by British collage artist Jazz Grant — can be seen in Rashford’s hometown of Manchester, England. It features childhood images of the superstar athlete interspersed with portraits taken by photographer Rafael Pavarotti for the aforementioned Burberry campaign.


“It was all about creating something uplifting, positive and dynamic with a sense of community and supporting the youth,” Grant said of the project. “I wanted it to feel really exciting but also to have subtle textures and tones, essences of its immediate surroundings, so that in a way it blended into its environment.”

Also part of Burberry’s current initiative, in which it aims to support the voices of the future, the label has partnered with charities to provide protection, encouragement, and empowerment to youth around the world.

See the gallery above to preview Burberry’s Marcus Rashford mural by Jazz Grant, which will be on display at 31 Thomas Street in Manchester through January 4, 2021.