Fantasy photography is a captivating genre. It allows us to get lost in another world—one of ethereal characters, amazing costuming, and breathtaking settings. But if you’ve spent any time admiring these surreal works, you might’ve noticed that they predominantly feature white people. Black women are often left out of the spotlight, even though they, too, are creating stunning images worthy of praise.

Twitter user @btsanima is helping to call attention to Black women appearing in fantasy photography. In a viral Twitter thread, she implores people to share their favorite fantastical images of Black women, stating, “Even though our presence is small, I will not be deterred.” She then posted the names of photographers alongside gorgeous portraits in which Black women are the queens, elven beings, and pose in the same picturesque landscape scenes that are normally afforded to white women. The images are striking in their beauty and, at times, gorgeously haunting—one of the big appeals of the genre.

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