The NEXT 20 — is a Highsnobiety x LYST’s in-depth quarterly report ranking the next-generation brands and cultural pioneers on the rise

“A first of its kind, and by no means conclusive, The NEXT 20 combines quantitative data — a custom made algorithm combining sales and search metrics from over 100 million annual shoppers, social tracking, and Google data — and qualitative findings, obtained through short interviews and active feedback from an advisory board of founders, consultants, stylists, buyers, and executives.”

“We found that the most innovative leaders of tomorrow embrace this change in what drives influence today, it fuels them. They even saw it coming long before their industries were disrupted and the world moved online. It’s what’s always distinguished them from the old gatekeepers of authority — traditional media, big retailers and celebrities — who no longer hold the same power they had before.”

“They’re just a few tactics The NEXT 20 brands and cultural pioneers — an emerging group whose power is their authority, not necessarily their reach. And who are the first wave to drive culture forward — are adopting to stay ahead. Those that can innovatively shift our time, attention and subsequently our dollars towards their new launches, often by driving real change that benefits the greater good and makes us grow as individuals, win. The rest will fade.”

The ’20 BRANDS OF 2020′ include :

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