“Dominating this year’s Cultural Pioneers of 2020 list are the change agents who used their platforms to selflessly drive their respective markets towards a place where equality, transparency, and unity no longer are exceptions, but the norm. It would be naive of us to think this duality of entertainment and activism is not a snapshot look into how young people around the world are influenced today. Today, contemporary youth culture listens to, and roots for, both.” – Highsnobiety

The NEXT 20 — an in-depth quarterly report ranking the next-generation brands and cultural pioneers on the rise.

 A first of its kind, and by no means conclusive, The NEXT 20 combines quantitative data — a custom made algorithm combining sales and search metrics from over 100 million annual shoppers, social tracking, and Google data — and qualitative findings, obtained through short interviews and active feedback from an advisory board of founders, consultants, stylists, buyers, and executives.

Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan native with an affinity for irony and a penchant for humor. She is a social media star, a journalism student, comedian and a self proclaimed ‘professional bragger’ (we stan!).

“Kenyan internet comedian Elsa Majimbo threw it down with satirical monologues filmed at home, humorously describing the craziness of this year to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram.”

“Elsa Majimbo is a social star in the truest sense. She’s disrupting stereotypes with her non sugar coated social commentary leaving you in a fit of laughter and wanting more. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Matrix-esque glasses and eat crisps,” says Meenakshi Singh

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