The Swedish artist and designer takes literal shapes, like a hand, and distorts them until they are almost unrecognisable before turning them into a functional object.

In addition to the Claw shoes, Karlsson has designed other footwear called Fat Baby Shoes that mimic giant feet in frilly sliders.

Other designs include oversized items of clothes worn as one garment, like an enlarged pair of trousers that rise up to the model’s neck, and a giant top that extends down to the wearer’s knees and features a large drip-effect collar.

As part of a separate but similar project, called The Bum, Karlsson created a wearable replica of reality star Kardashian’s bum, which often makes its way into mainstream media headlines, with perhaps the most famous example being her cover for Paper Magazine that “broke the internet”.

Due to the excess of images online of Kardashian’s near-naked posterior, Karlsson was able to work with fellow artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen to create a scaleable version of it in silicone.

The playful, rubbery design can be worn like padded shorts to create the effect of having a bum like that of the American TV star.

Beate Karlsson's fashion designs feature oversized versions of singular garments

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